Cosplayer of the Week: Raz Al-Ghul Cosplay




Interview with Raz Al-Ghul Cosplay

Ambush Vin: How long have you been cosplaying?
Raz Al-Ghul: Almost 8 years since 2011.

Ambush Vin: What got you into cosplay?
Raz Al-Ghul: Definitely because I wanna be as my favorite characters

Ambush Vin: What is your favorite fandom?
Raz Al-Ghul: My ultimate fandom are Supernatural (since 2005), Dragon Ballz (since 1994), One Piece (since 1998), and I guess Kimetsu No Yaiba for the latest one

Ambush Vin: Is cosplay more of a hobby or a lifestyle for you?
Raz Al-Ghul: It’s just a hobby for me. To release my tension from normal working life and to improve my creativity especially in making props/armor.

Ambush Vin: Is your ultimate goal to be a professional cosplayer for a living?
Raz Al-Ghul: I wish! Hahahaha… But nope.

Ambush Vin: Let‘s’talk about you. What is it like living in Malaysia?
Raz Al-Ghul: Peaceful especially in my state, Sabah.

Ambush Vin: What do you do at your day job?
Raz Al-Ghul: I’m a Disney Princess by day, and Gotham Siren by night

Ambush Vin: Do you have any interesting hobbies?
Raz Al-Ghul: Beside cosplay, I love taking picture and mostly active with Legography before this. Now I’m trying to learn more photography and editing in my free time.

Ambush Vin: Most cosplayers have a cause that they believe in. What is your cause?
Raz Al-Ghul: I believe that I can contribute to society with cosplay, as well as keep it as my hobby. Fyi, I’m one of the founders of KK Causeplay. A non-profit cosplay group in my state where we make appearances in any charitable or awareness events, including making appearances in the hospital.

Ambush Vin: Have you ever been outside of Malaysia?
Raz Al-Ghul: Yup! I’ve been to Philippine (Manila), Indonesia and Singapore before. Hopefully I can travel more to see other places (and conventions!)

Ambush Vin:If you could Thanos-snap and end any injustice in the world, what would it be?
Raz Al-Ghul: Child trafficking. As adult, one of our duties are to protect them. Not exploited them. Enough said.

Ambush Vin: Does Malaysia have a lot of Comic Cons or Anime Conventions?
Raz Al-Ghul: A LOT! But, mostly in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. As for in my state, we have two main big conventions yearly which are Otafuse (in September), and Hobbycon (in December)

Ambush Vin: What is your dream cosplay?
Raz Al-Ghul: I CAN’T PICK! Hahahahaha… Well… I’m gonna choose Daedric armor (Skyrim) and Demon Hunter (Diablo 3) Slowly, but I’m working on it

Ambush Vin: Do you ever get unwanted advice from people while you are in cosplay?
Raz Al-Ghul: Yea. Mostly criticizing my body (not slim enough, not sexy enough, not fair enough blablabla), but whatever! I cosplay to have fun. To enjoy my fandoms with my friends. So, most of the time I will ignore it, except advice that I think can improve my costume or props making.

Ambush Vin: When you cosplay, are you in character when interacting with people, or are you your normal self?
Raz Al-Ghul: I guess balance. We do love being in character for awhile and just normal self for the rest of day in con.

Ambush Vin: Do you have any aspirations outside of cosplay?
Raz Al-Ghul: Not really lol

Ambush Vin: What are your thoughts on “sexy” cosplay?
Raz Al-Ghul: Tbh, I don’t really care bout it. Everyone can cosplay as they like as cosplay nowadays had so many “version”.

Ambush Vin: If someone was looking to start cosplaying for the first time ever, what advice would you give them?
Raz Al-Ghul: Just go for it! Try it! Doesn’t care either you wanna buy the costume/props or make it. Wear it and have fun! But… There is a but, hahahaha…

…PLEASE at least read/watch/play the manga/cartoon/movies/games of the character that you wanna cosplay. Do some research such how the character personalities and how exactly his/her costume. Save yourself from embarrassment or getting bashed by other hardcore fans. Cause fandom communities nowadays are kinda scary.

Other than that, have fun with your fellow cos-comrades!

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