Cosplayer of the Week: Raz Al-Ghul Cosplay

INTERVIEW BELOW THE PHOTOS! Instagram: Facebook: Interview with Raz Al-Ghul Cosplay Ambush Vin: How long have you been cosplaying?Raz Al-Ghul: Almost 8 years since 2011. Ambush Vin: What got you into cosplay?Raz Al-Ghul: Definitely because I wanna be as my favorite characters Ambush Vin: What is your favorite fandom?Raz Al-Ghul: My ultimate fandom are Supernatural (since 2005),Continue reading “Cosplayer of the Week: Raz Al-Ghul Cosplay”

Interview with Hey Ginger! Cosplay

Instagram: VK (Russia): Hey Ginger! did me a solid. She gave me some insight into her life as a cosplayer in Russia. I am naturally inquisitive, especially about other cultures. The opportunity to enhance my culture add with elements that I learned by interacting with people of different beliefs, styles, and  But, whatContinue reading “Interview with Hey Ginger! Cosplay”

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