Yes, I LOVE Cosplay. You Should Too


Yes, I LOVE Cosplay and so should you

SciFinatik Cosplay GalleryFeb 2 · 2 min read

The SciFinatik Cosplay Gallery

Hola, Fandom Lovers…and normies!

My name is Ambush Vin, and I am a Sci-Fi Hip-Hop Artist…and Cosmic Enforcer for the League of Multiverses (Long story. Read all about it HERE)

Ambush Vin performing Lord Vader

I LOVE Cosplay! It’s so exhilarating to meet of the amazing Cosplayers who bring our favorite fandoms to life. Normal people will say things like, “You need to grow up”, and my response is…


Honestly, I will always be a geek. Excuse me, I mean a PROUD Geek! If that means I am viewed by society as a “kid who needs to grow up”, then so be it. By the way, who made the rule that fandoms are for kids, anyway? That’s not what box office receipts show.

Avengers, Star Wars, Justice League…do I really need to continue?

We ALL are nerdy about something. Be eccentric. Be weird. Be unique.

But, most of all, be yourself!

Okay, rant over. Now, let’s get into the reason that I am here in the first place.

The SciFinatik Cosplay Gallery!

About 5 years ago, I began my cosmic journey into the world of Sci-Fi Music. I begin to perform at Anime and Fandom conventions, where I met so many amazing Cosplayers with creative cosplays!

Geeked Out Video Shoot at Anime Midwest

Seeing so much creativity in one place, I wanted to create a judgement-free medium to share all of the cosplay that I see IRL and on the web. Of course, we are going to see the Cosplayers who have thousands of followers. But, I wanted to also share content from Cosplayers that aren’t as “internet-famous”.

Cicha Cosplay

Hence, the SciFinatik Cosplay Gallery was born! Our mission is simple: To share ALL cosplay with ALL people.

And in turn, (hopefully!) you guys will share with your friends also! Thank You for your support and stay Geeky!

Published by Ambush Vin's SciFinatik Cosplay Gallery

Welcome to the SciFinatik Cosplay Gallery! Invading your screens with ALL Cosplay Inclusion — Welcome to our no-judgement Cosplay Zone!

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